CASE 002

All procedures completed on this patient were performed by Dr. Akhrass.

The patient’s full mouth reconstruction began with Invisalign treatment to correct a crossbite on the left side. (This is where your lower teeth fit outside of your upper teeth, the opposite of what it should be.) Also, her front teeth were asymmetrical in size. The excess porcelain was removed from her crowns on the left side to make these teeth the same size as her front right teeth. The left front teeth were moved towards the patient’s midline. The crowding and the slanted lower teeth were corrected with Invisalign.

Crown lengthening surgery was completed on the upper right two front teeth. This surgery was done to correct the patient’s gums (they were uneven and they were red and inflamed.) After the patient healed, all of her upper teeth were crowned. She wore a temporary for a short period of time and then she received all of her permanent crowns which perfected her smile and corrected her bite.

case 002 01
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