Intraoral Scanner

(Photo of a 3D printed implant surgical guide)   This new Intraoral Scanner allows us to make accurate, detailed, and in full-color impressions of patient’s teeth and/or implants without the use of the traditional messy and sticky impression material (No Gagging)

This technology can be used for the following:
• Fabricating Crowns
• Designing Implant Abutments
• Fabricating Partials
• Crowns fabricated to Existing Partials
Dental Implant Treatment Planning Software & Surgical Guides
Intraoral Scan technology can be merged with a 3D X-Ray using Dental Implant Treatment Planning Software to digitally plan and place a dental implant in the perfect position using Surgical Guides.

Surgically Guided Dental Implant surgery can, therefore, be performed:

• Faster
• Safer
• With More Precision
3D Printing
Software-assisted surgical guide design can then be printed using a 3D Printer in the office.

In-House Technologies = $$$ Savings for Patients

Most Dental Offices charge $250-$350 per Surgical Guide.  Because Dr. Akhrass uses new technology to create surgical guides in-house, they are created for your dental implant surgery at no charge.