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Intraoral Scanner

(Photo of a 3D printed implant surgical guide)   This new Intraoral Scanner allows us to make accurate, detailed, and in full-color impressions of patient’s teeth and/or implants without the use of the traditional messy and sticky impression material (No Gagging)

This technology can be used for the following:

• Fabricating Crowns
• Designing Implant Abutments
• Fabricating Partials
• Crowns fabricated to Existing Partials

Dental Implant Treatment Planning Software & Surgical Guides

Intraoral Scan technology can be merged with a 3D X-Ray using Dental Implant Treatment Planning Software to digitally plan and place a dental implant in the perfect position using Surgical Guides.

Surgically Guided Dental Implant surgery can, therefore, be performed:

• Faster
• Safer
• With More Precision

3D Printing

Software assisted surgical guide design can then be printed using a 3D Printer in office.

In-House Technologies = $$$ Savings for Patients

Most Dental Offices charge $250-$350 per Surgical Guide.  Because Dr. Akhrass uses new technology to create surgical guides in-house, they are created for your dental implant surgery at no charge.

Check out this short video

3D Surgical Guide Printing

Posted by Mabry Akhrass McCary DDS on Monday, March 26, 2018